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Awesome and inspirational

Very good take on the parshah. I was inspired by the podcast. The book is also very good!

Awesome and inspirational

Very good take on the parshah



Ori is a beast

Phenomenal podcast!


R' Strum! Amazing! I look forward to your Sparks of Torah every week. You skillfully and seamlessly bring out pearls of wisdom from the Torah intermingled with a good laugh. Keep up the amazing work! B'ahava....


That’s my brother


The most entertaining dvar Torah of the week


This podcast is really enjoyable to listen to. R’ Ori always gives a fresh perspective in a funny and engaging style. Looking forward for more episodes to be inspired.

Anonymous 613!

Amazing job Reb Ori! Hither and tither!!!!

A must listen!

Relevant and down to earth! Short and sweet to the point! A few minutes invested weekly, dividends exorbitant!!!

A Must Listen , I love this guy !

Rabbi Strum has such a talent of making the weekly Torah portion feel fresh and exciting. His words are calculated and impactful. I’ll be back for many more weeks to come.

Excellent Podcast

R’ Ori consistently puts out quality content. With his humor, charisma, and wide breadth of knowledge in many areas of the heilegeh Torah he delivers thought provoking and inspiring divrei Torah for all Yidden. Big yasher koach and keep up the good work!


Really love this!! Short, beautiful insights, definitely inspiring and entertaining :)

Such a great podcast!

This podcast is a must listen!!! I love how R’ Strum connects daily life to the parsha. It makes my week!