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Come along to find sparks of inspiration, meaning, purpose, and relevance in the simple day-to-day drag of life gleaned from lessons within the holy Torah.

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May 19, 2022

Humble Haughtiness (Behar)

In the latest episode of the Torah Sparks Podcast, we discusses the importance of being humble and "haughty" at the same time. Ho…

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May 12, 2022

30 Day Pet Food Challenge (Emor)

Did you hear about the lady who challenged herself to eat pet food for an entire month? In this week's Torah Sparks podcast, we d…

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May 5, 2022

Skeleton in the Back Seat and Holiness (Kedoshim)

In this week's Torah Sparks podcast, the host discusses the notion of projection, namely, that -as humans - we tend to see others…

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April 27, 2022

Milk's Favorite Cookie (Acharei)

When Nabisco changed it's slogan for the famous Oreo cookie from America's Favorite Cookie to Milk's Favorite Cookie in 2004, no …

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April 14, 2022

Please Remove Your Yeezys (Pesach/Passover 2022)

In this week's Torah Sparks podcast, we talk about the importance of detoxifying from all the sprays used to clean for Passover a…

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April 7, 2022

Dilation of the Pupil (Metzora/Shabbos Hagadol)

Did you know? The difference in size between your pupils, when they are most dilated vs. when they are least dilated, is 17 times…

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March 31, 2022

230,000 Minutes of Gossip (Tazria)

Why do humans love to gossip? In this Torah Sparks episode, we discuss the psychology behind why it is people like to gossip and …

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March 24, 2022

Why Don't Humans Eat More Bugs? (Shemini)

In this episode of Torah Sparks, we discuss the global rise in consumption of edible insects, and why despite its various health …

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March 16, 2022

Shaloch Manos Trackers (Purim/Tzav)

Afraid your Shaloch Manos is being given to someone else after you already gave it? Introducing the all new S.M.T.'s - Shaloch Ma…

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March 10, 2022

Redwood Trees (Vayikra/Zachor)

It's fascinating that you can be on a WhatsApp chat for months and no one will know until the day you leave. As humans, it is so …

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March 3, 2022

One Wordle Per Day (Pekudei)

The relatively new game, Wordle, has taken the world by storm. One of the most epic and unique things about the new Wordle craze …

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Feb. 23, 2022

Special Guest: David C. Milke - Holy Dumpster Diving (Vayakhel)

In this week's Torah Sparks podcast, we interview a special guest - David Charles Milke, owner of DCM Custom Painting, LLC - who …

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