Move Closer to Home (Bamidbar/Shavuos)

I recently went to an MLB baseball game with a few friends to watch the Baltimore Orioles play against the Seattle Mariners. We bought tickets for around 5 dollars a seat, and we sat in the bleachers, by the right field homerun section.

I couldn’t help but notice just how many low-class people there seemed to be around me. A few rows over on my left was a drunk guy yelling and cursing at the right and center fielder for the Mariners. A few rows over on my right were a group of teenagers with tattoos and weird mustaches. A few rows behind me were a group of younger kids making fun of the usher and being chutzpadik. Walking in between the rows was a custodian selling all types of beer and yelling, “Ice cold beer! Let’s go. Ice cold beer, over here. Everything is cold except for me!”

I turned to my friend and asked him, “What’s going on? Why does it seem like almost everyone in this section is lower class?”

He answered me the following, “You are 100% right. Most people in this section are indeed lower class. The closer, though, that you get to home, the higher the class will be!”

It occurred to me right then and there that this is such an incredible mashal for life.

We were placed on this world to work hard and ultimately build a connection with Hashem. We do this by means of following the Torah and being connected to truth and goodness. At a baseball game, the closer you get to home plate, the more expensive the tickets are. The seats are better, the view is better, and the overall experience at the game is better

Home represents truth, happiness, goodness, and connection. The further away someone is sitting from home, the seats are cheaper, the view is worse, and the type of people you become surrounded by is of lower quality.

When the Jewish people received the Torah at Mt. Sinai in the year 2448, they were given a “home.” They were given a guidebook for life that would dramatically change their seats on this world, which would, in turn, improve their perspective as well as increase their quality of life.

The closer we are to this home – to Torah, truth, and a connection with Hashem – the higher the class we will become, as it says by Matan Torah, “You are a holy nation of priests and kings.”

This Shavuos, let us choose to sit near home plate, as opposed to somewhere far away up in the bleachers. We need not awkwardly fool the usher and move to the better seats, rather, Hashem – the Commissioner of the World – Himself gave us tickets right at home. Let us not waste them. Let us not misuse them. Let us sit there and experience the game of life in a whole new way!